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Read what our students, parents and teachers say:

I have loved having you as my Drama teacher and enjoyed every minute of it! You have helped me so much!

- Lauren

Grace loves Drama and we have noticed she is not as shy standing up in front of people as she had been so we really appreciate this increased confidence!

- Jen, parent, LGS

I like the mini games before and after the lesson and I like that we get to do a play that our parents can watch.
I like acting because it is a good way to project your voice and not be shy in front of audiences.


- Student CCAS

My daughter's confidence increased enormously over the 12 months.

- Parent, LGS

During the 18-month period our daughter has undertaken drama lessons with Liberty Arts we have noticed a significant difference in her confidence as well as her oral and written communication skills. Nurtured by professional, highly skilled and thoroughly trained teachers Isobel loves her lessons as, unknowingly to her, she is able to undertake a structured drama program that combines her imaginary world with her creative gifts. We would highly recommend lessons with Liberty Arts for all children and adolescents.

- Trinity parent

Without your care, passion, dedication & expertise these results would not have been possible.


- Parent of Trinity Acting course student, CCGS. 

Isabelle enjoyed drama immensely. Engaging her creative mind seem to help her overall wellbeing.

- Danielle, Parent, LGS

Students gain a real benefit in

the ability to communicate

successfully with other and to

mature on a personal level.

Acting and the use of drama are

a great way to build confidence

– an opportunity for children to

be affirmed for their efforts.


- Grade 5 teacher CCAS

Drama classes have given my

kids the confidence to express

their creativity in a positive, non-

judgmental and super fun way.

They are empowered to present

their best, uncensored selves,

and can’t wait to go to class

each week.

- Parent of grade 2 & 4 students.

Our son loves coming to drama

each week! Being new to CCAS

this year it has helped him make

new friends as well as grow in


- Parent of grade 2 student

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